Extradition & Mutual Legal Assistance

CCG Legal, Corporate Crime

Investigations are increasingly of a multi-jurisdictional nature, often leading to mutual legal assistance requests or extradition between different countries. Mutual legal assistance is the mechanism by which countries cooperate with each other in criminal investigations and proceedings. This can take the form of requiring a country's authorities to use its own domestic powers to gather evidence by conducting "dawn raids", interviewing witnesses, requiring the production of documents and the arrest of suspects for extradition to the investigating country.

The European Union introduced the European Arrest Warrant to facilitate the swift transfer of those suspected or convicted of qualifying criminal offences between the Member States. The US also relies on the extradition treaty it has with the UK to require the attendance of UK nationals in its own domestic courts to face prosecution of white collar and other crimes. Extradition requests have proved difficult to resist and requires specialist legal expertise to ensure the process is conducted lawfully and appropriately.

Our experience includes:

  • representing a high net worth individual in respect of a prosecution brought against them by overseas authorities and arranging for evidence to be provided by video link at court in the first case of its kind
  • advising individuals and corporates on their response to mutual legal assistance requests, including assisting with the production of relevant documentation and attending interviews with the Police
  • representing a foreign company in respect of an asset seizure by overseas authorities
  • managing a complex document review exercise in response to numerous production orders as part of a multi jurisdictional investigation