Money Laundering

CCG Legal, Corporate Crime

The UK's anti-money laundering regime creates criminal offences and regulates particular business sectors. It places obligations on them to report suspicions of money laundering activity to the National Crime Agency and implement systems and controls to prevent their business from being used for money laundering.

Those operating in non-regulated business sectors will also commit criminal offences and suffer considerable reputational damage if they are involved directly or indirectly in money laundering so it is advisable for companies to understand the risks that their business may face.

CCG Legal has substantial experience in advising companies on the implementation of anti-money laundering compliance policies and procedures, providing training, making suspicious activity reports to the NCA, conducting internal investigations into suspicious activity and advising on the "tipping off" provisions under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Our team has also represented individuals under investigation and prosecution for money laundering offences.

Our experience includes:

  • advising an accountancy firm on its disclosure obligations to the NCA
  • managing an anti-money laundering compliance programme on-site at a global bank
  • representing an individual during interviews under caution with HM Revenue & Customs in respect of money laundering offences
  • advising firms in the regulated sector on anti-money laundering systems and controls