CCG Legal, Corporate Crime

We understand the uncertainty that open-ended legal fees can bring so we have developed several fee solutions for both individual and corporate clients.

As we work remotely or with you on site, we do not have the significant overheads of other "traditional" law firms, enabling us to provide you with the most cost effective way of managing your work.

Please contact us today and we will be happy to tailor a solution which will work best for you.

Advisory Fees

We will agree the maximum time to be spent on your case and charge reasonable rates due to our low overheads.

Fixed Fees

We will agree fixed fees for each stage of the work we undertake for you, enabling you to manage your budget with 100% certainty.

Consultancy / On-site Fees

We will agree an hourly, daily or monthly rate, whichever is the most cost effective for your business.


We will provide flexible legal support throughout the year to companies without the additional costs of employing someone directly.

Insurance Policies

We will negotiate a competitive fee package with both companies and individuals where their legal costs are covered by an insurance policy.

Flexible Pricing Solutions

We are happy to discuss any combination of our fee packages or other pricing solutions to help you manage your budget with confidence.