In-House Investigations Support

With our in-house experience, we know how to deal with the competing demands of running a business and managing an investigation.

We manage investigations pragmatically whilst also understanding the regulator's focus and priorities.

CCG Legal, Corporate Crime
  • We will manage the investigation for you from beginning to end, identifying the risks to your business and taking steps to mitigate them on an ongoing basis
  • You will have the benefit of on-site, dedicated, legal resources embedded into your business, reducing the time needed to bring the matter to a conclusion
  • We will provide immediate legal advice to you during the course of an investigation, liaising with external counsel where appropriate
  • Our team will be self-sufficient and pro-active, managing investigations from within the company and keeping key stakeholders informed of all potential risks to their business
  • Where appropriate, we will provide a Full On-Site Investigation Service, adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to the investigation and partnering with experienced investigators and recognised experts in computer forensic and data collection who adhere to the Association of Chief Police Officers' (ACPO) guidelines on digital evidence
  • We will help you to reduce your legal costs while allowing your business to function with minimal disruption
  • Once the investigation has concluded, we provide "outsourced in-house counsel" support, as and when necessary, so you have continuity in managing any future queries